Story Of How I Almost Lost N57,234.07


Story Of How I Almost Lost N57,234.07

In one of my previous blogging related posts, I unashamedly talked about having four failed blogs to my name. Truth is, I have put all those failures behind me to focus on this present project. If anything, they have served as a motivation. Well, as I would find out this morning, one of those blogs hasn’t completely forgotten about me. And, I got to find that out in one of the most unpleasant ways possible.

This morning, I woke up to an SMS alert from my bank on my phone. I immediately concluded there was no way the content of the message was important. Seeing how I wasn’t expecting money from anyone and also how I hadn’t carried out any transaction of late. I even almost deleted the message without first going through it. However, when I checked, to my utmost surprise, the message was a debit alert.

According to the message, I had been debited the Naira equivalent of 155.40 U.S. Dollars. The payment was sent to renew my hosting plan with the provider I used for one of my failed blogs. Unfortunately, I did not know that an auto renewal option was activated by default. As far as I was concerned, the moment my current hosting plan expired, that would be the end. And that was fine by me. I had already considered the money spent to set up the blog a waste. Apparently, I was wrong and now I had $155.40 debt as the repercussion.

For some reason, I happened to have checked the dollar exchange rate last night. Hence, I could already imagine how much money was being taken from me. The moment I finished reading the message on my phone, my calculator was the next thing I grabbed. At the rate of N368 to a Dollar, I discovered I had just been charged N57,234.07. N57,234.07! In this present economy! How much is my monthly income sef? And for service that I had stopped using a long time ago and wasn’t planning on resuming use of. I immediately entered mild panic mode. My heart racing. My palms sweating. And, the feeling of hunger I was noticing prior to this bombshell mysteriously disappeared.

Instinctively, I thought the best thing to do would be head to my bank to lay a complaint. But I decided against that. I felt in my gut there would be little to nothing the bank would be able to do. And I wasn’t ready to be consoled by a bank official who couldn’t be of help to me. I needed a refund, not a pity party.

I proceeded to check the email address I created solely for the purpose of setting up said blog. After several failed login attempts and, eventually, a password reset, I got access to the blog’s email account. It turned out the hosting company had been sending me reminders that my subscription would be auto renewed for months. I was overcome with the feeling of guilt. I brought this on myself. Maybe I deserve this. Those were some of the thoughts running through my head as I went over some of those messages in details. I was going to resign myself to fate, but… N57,234.07 was just too much a loss for me to sit on my behind and do nothing.

As a last resort, I visited the hosting company’s website. I tried everything I could within the scope of my technical know-how to remedy the situation, all to no avail. I was already harboring thoughts of giving up, strategizing on how I was going to recoup my money and more using this subscription. Then I decided to give the live chat feature a trial. After a quite lengthy back and forth, the representative I spoke with promised I would get my money back between 7-10 days. Consequentially, the countdown has begun in earnest. So, good people of God, this is me calling for your support through prayers. I cannot afford to lose N57,234.07 juzlaidat…

While I’m hopeful about getting my N57,234.07 back. I’m sure to lose USD 16.99 (N6257.44). While the $155.40 hosting charge is refundable, the $16.99 for domain renewal isn’t. Even though it pains me, I have found consolation in the hope of getting my N57,234.07 back in full. Imagine if the $16.99 had been the refundable charge and the $155.40 the non-refundable one. I don’t even want to think about what that would have done to me.

Hey, don’t leave just yet.

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