Short Film Alert: Stream Bariga Sugar

A story of friendship. A story of true friendship. A story of a rare kind of friendship.

I remember reading about the movie Bariga Sugar online sometimes last year, prior to its 2017 release, and becoming very eager from that moment to see the movie. When I finally got a chance to see the movie, I hoped so much that I would not be disappointed and have to regret all the months I had spent anticipating the movie’s release. I wasn’t.

Bariga Sugar was a joy to behold. The movie did deliver on its promise to be more than an eye candy that undeservedly garnered a lot of media buzz. Bariga Sugar takes you into a world which most people have viewed with prejudice from a totally different perspective, a perspective that makes you feel empathy rather than be judgmental. A perspective that does not offer you stereotyped views, but shows you a reality that a lot are not even aware of, or have failed to pay attention to.

Produced by Ifeoma Nkiruka Chukwuogo and Ikenna Edmund Okah, Bariga Sugar stars Tina Mba, Gregory Ojefua, Lucy Ameh, Halimat Olarewaju, Tunde Azeez, and Blessing Samuel. For its 21 minutes running time, Bariga Sugar takes you on a worthwhile journey into the lives of two young children, who for the nature of their mother’s profession have been ostracized by their peers. Left with no one but each other to turn to, 8 year old Ese and 10 year old Jamil, despite the odds stacked against them form an unlikely friendship that, sadly, did not last long enough, within the four walls of a Lagos ghetto brothel, Bariga Sugar.

A beautiful story well executed is what the movie is. Kudos to the producers of the movie, Bariga Sugar is an impressive effort from Ifeoma Nkiruka Chukwuogo and Ikenna Edmund Okah; I could hardly find any fault with the movie. And Tina Mba’s performance! My lord! Permit me to say this “Tina Mba is a goddess in this business.”

Enough talk. Watch Bariga Sugar below.

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