Short Film Alert: Stream Nadine Ibrahim’s “Through Her Eyes”

Short Film Alert: Stream Nadine Ibrahim’s “Through Her Eyes”

Nadine Ibrahim's Through Her Eyes

With her recently released short film, Through Her Eyes, Nigerian filmmaker Nadine Ibrahim keeps the conversation on insurgency and human trafficking in the northern parts of the country going. Lending its voice to the fight against child terrorism worldwide, the project gives particular attention to cases of innocent young female children, who have been abducted to be brainwashed and turned into child terrorists by their abductors, using them as pawns to perpetrate their evils.

The movie is set in an undisclosed town, presumably one from the northern part of the country. Following the orders of her abductors on a mission to carry out a suicide attack, Azeeza, an innocent young girl child who happened to have been abducted and forced into terrorism by an unnamed terrorist group, engages in a heartfelt conversation with her cab driver – himself a victim of the devastating effect of a suicide attack, losing his daughter to one of such attacks carried out at the market place ­– who is completely ignorant and unsuspecting as to what the purpose of her journey is. The exchange between them reveals her ambivalent state of mind as regards the act she is about to carry out. To what end does this conversation lead? Is it enough to make her find a glimmer of hope to hold on to in a seemingly hopeless situation? Does it lead to a change of mind, or does she ultimately carry on with her abductor’s initial plan?

Originally shot in the native Hausa language, the nine minutes long short movie is subtitled in English. Produced by Folawewo Ayebusi, Through Her Eyes was written and directed by Nadine Ibrahim, a multiple award winning Nigerian filmmaker. The director of photography for the movie was the award-winning Asurf Oluwaseyi.

Through Her Eyes stars Aisha Anisah Ayagi as Azeeza and Ibrahim Daddi as the cab driver. What are you waiting for, hit the play button on the video below to enjoy Through Her Eyes.

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