About The Television Series “Queen Sugar”

Queen Sugar Television Series

SHOW TITLE: Queen Sugar (Based on the same titled novel written by Natalie Baszile)

STARRING: Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe, Nicholas L. Ashe, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre T. Whitfield, Timon Kyle Durrett, Greg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Marycarmen Lopez and Tina Lifford.

Except it comes highly recommended, I approach every television series with a certain degree of skepticism. Like I do with most series, I downloaded the first three episodes of the Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay (Saturday Night Live, Selma, 13th) produced television series, Queen Sugar. The plan was to watch and decided afterwards if my data was worth sacrificing to download the other ten episodes from the first season. I skimmed lazily through the first episode, and after that, even though I had transferred all three episodes to my phone for ease of watching, for some reasons I happened not to watch the other episodes.

Fast forward to about a month later, I had to delete some items on my phone because I was in dire need of space for some fresh content, then I come across the unwatched episodes of Queen Sugar on my memory stick. I was absolutely going to delete it but then I decided I might as well watch before deleting. Then from the first episode, I was on the next episode and by the time I finished the third episode, I began to blame myself for not having downloaded the first complete season all at once. Don’t get your hopes too high, Queen Sugar is certainly not the holy grail of television series, but if you are a lover of simple drama like me, you would most likely enjoy watching this one.

Queen Sugar tells the story of three siblings: A top-shot city lawyer, whose perfect life and marriage to her superstar basketball player husband is about to hit the rocks, an investigative journalist/activist whose work would soon began to gather attention like never before, putting pressure on her and her relationships, and a fresh out of jail younger brother who is trying to pick up the pieces of his life while trying to stay away from crime for the sake of his son.

These siblings, up to this point, operate mostly in their own spaces, but their father’s death, and the 800 acres of land he left behind for them, would soon become a reason for them to spend a whole lot of time together. This creates even more tension between them as they cannot seem to agree on what to do with the inherited land – even though he left clear instructions that they farm the land. I would go into more details, but that would mean ruining the fun, so….*padlocks lip.

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Have you seen Queen Sugar? Do feel different about it? Let me know what your thoughts are below.

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