These Artists Are Not Forgetting Their Roots…

These Nigerian American Artist Are Not Forgetting Their Roots


…and for that, we are so proud of them. Even with all the time spent far away from home and their exposure to the Western culture, these Nigerian American artists have refused to for any reason; rid themselves of their Nigerian influences, holding on, and with an admirable measure of pride and dignity at that too, to their roots.

So far this month, I have gotten two projects by Nigerian American artists, namely, The Chief by Jidenna and The Last Time I Tried by Daramola. And both projects left me brimming with heartfelt smiles.

Jidenna, most of you already know, hence, no further introduction. Daramola, who used to formerly go by the name D-Flow, is/used to be a record producer for Christian Hip Hop heavyweights – I do not know what his plans for that gift of his are going forward. His production credits in the Christian hip hop sphere, an impressive one, includes records produced for heavyweights such as Lecrea, Butta P, JSon, Thi’sl, Social Club Misfits, to name just a few.

I must say that I was really stunned by Daramola’s sonorous voice and effortless singing capabilities, both which were for the entire duration of his project on display. Daramola really impressed with The Last Time I Tried. A pop project at that – I would never have guessed.

With both records, however, what brought joy the most to my heart, and also left a smile on my face, was not just the fact that both projects were by artists with Nigerian ancestry, what brought me joy the most was that both projects clearly proved that beyond reasonable doubt.

Considered “Americanas” – Americanized Nigerians – already, one might have expected that they cater more to their Western audience with their arts, but with The Chief and The Last Time I Tried, both these artists offer projects that audiences from both ends of the globe can equally relate to.

Seeing how we as Nigerians love to famz our own, especially when the impact of said “own” transcends borders, these two give us something to brag about with their respective projects. Like offering excellent work of art was not sufficient for us to brag about in itself, these “ambassadors of ours” went a step further by considerably dousing said projects with Nigerian Influences. The hilarious narration on The Chief, done with a thick Igbo – or is it Ibo now – accent, singing in the pidgin language, the Yoruba mothers casting and binding type prayer on Daramola’s Fake Friends. Listening to both projects, you are constantly reminded that, even though they might have found success and wide spread acceptance from the Western world, the minds behind these projects are still in touch with their Nigerian heritage, and proudly so too.

On The Last Time I Tried BiyiTolu liked:

Nigerian American Artist Daramola The Last Time I Tried Artwork

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On The Chief BiyiTolu liked:

Nigerian American Artist Jidenna The Chief Album Art

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