These Traits Will Help You Succeed As A Blogger

These Traits Will Help You Succeed As A Blogger

Whether or not a person will succeed as a blogger is dependent on a whole lot of factors. One of those factors is possessing the required mental traits for success as a blogger. It would be counterproductive to set out on this journey without possessing the appropriate habits. What are these required traits for blogging success?  Here are some of the traits that are common to successful bloggers.


Blogging requires a lot of skill sets, many of which you probably might lack. The easy way out is to outsource for every area of your weakness, but that will cost you more. The alternative to this is to be open to learn new things and acquire new skills. Note, you don’t necessarily have to become a grandmaster with these skill sets. You just need to know enough to make your blog thrive. I’ve had to learn a lot of things myself, and I’m all the better for it. Trust me, being willing to learn will definitely help you succeed as a blogger and, also, help your finances.

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For a lot of us bloggers, we didn’t start out anywhere near perfect. I know for sure that I didn’t. And, for that, I could have considered my imperfections and decided to hold back, and it would have been understandable. Since proceeding with my imperfections would have meant I’d be more susceptible to criticism at best, rejection at worse. But to succeed as a blogger, you mustn’t cave to the fear of ever leaving yourself vulnerable. Sometimes, you’ll just have to damn the consequences and let your vulnerabilities show through. You must come to that place where you choose to take your chances, your vulnerabilities notwithstanding.


To succeed as a blogger, you can’t afford to concentrate on your blog alone. I know this might sound counterintuitive to some of you, I’ll explain. The blogging community is, by far, one of the most supportive spheres you’ll ever find yourself. It’s easy to be drawn into competition if you’re unaware of this. But, with blogging, support is a far more rewarding strategy. So, to maximize this, you’ll equally have to show support. It’s simply the principle of sowing and reaping. The more bloggers you show support, the more support you get in return, and the larger the audience base you’ll get to infiltrate.

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To succeed as a blogger, giving in to your fear of failure isn’t even an option. And, believe me, the fear of failure will ring loud in your head a lot of times. There will be times when things will not look encouraging and your fears will seize you all over. As a blogger, you’ll have to master the habit of suppressing that fear whenever it rises. Of course, I’ve, myself, caved into this fear a couple of times. On the other hand, I’ve successfully silenced that voice severally too. And I can tell you, for a fact, the more you silence the voice, the quieter it becomes.


Undoubtedly, from the outside, blogging does appear like it’s all fun and easy. It will take someone who is on the inside to tell you otherwise. Running a blog is a responsibility you don’t want to be saddled with unprepared. To succeed as a blogger, you have to be willing, in fact, more than willing to do the required work.  With blogging, half-hearted commitment will never cut it. The only excuse for a lack of dedication is that you really don’t have dreams as regards blogging.  Otherwise, to succeed as a blogger, unwavering dedication is required.

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You can quote me anywhere on this, “successful bloggers are resilient bloggers.” Bloggers that put in a fight, that don’t throw in the towel as a result of adversity. Don’t be deceived, success as a blogger never comes overnight, and that will most likely not start with you. Success in this space is always the result of focus and dedicated effort spread over a length of time. To arrive at this point of success, resilience is important as there will be disheartening days.

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