Three Blogs I Visit For Inspiration

Three Blogs I Visit For Inspiration

As a blogger, I live with the constant fear of running out of creative ideas for my blog. And, yes, I have hit a wall on a couple of occasions. Those weren’t good times. On the positive side, however, I have discovered that, rather than cave in to my fears, I’m better off deciding to be on top of the situation.

So, how do I manage this fear of creative inadequacy? Well, one of the things I do at such times is to visit other blogs for the much-needed inspiration. This strategy has greatly helped to get my creative juices flowing on a lot of instances. Here, in no particular order, are three blogs I frequent when I feel the need for some inspiration.

I stumbled on doctor/fashion and lifestyle blogger, Cassandra Ikegbune’s blog via Twitter. Someone had retweeted a link to one of her posts on my timeline. By the time I was exiting her blog, I had at least a dozen pages bookmarked. Following that encounter, the name CassieDaves quickly became ingrained in my heart.

Cassandra’s blog is sure to always inspire me. My idea switch has been flipped on on numerous occasions just from visiting her blog. I particularly love it when Cassandra talks blogging. Most especially her articles on her motivations and her journey, they excel in that they are always so genuine. Those articles just make me fall in love with blogging anew.

Visit Cassie Daves’ Blog

Deb Writes Blog
I originally knew DebWrites from my days as an active Instagram user – gosh! I really miss those days. For some reason, however, I never really paid attention to her blog. It was not until early this year that I would discover the gem that is Deborah Akingboye’s blog.

One of the things that first caught my attention was that both our blogs were running the same WordPress theme. But beyond a WordPress theme, I found the articles on Deborah’s blog relatable, true-to-life and practical. It didn’t take long for Deborah’s blog to become a go-to source of inspiration for me.

Visit Deb Writes’ Blog

Seun Badejo
If you have ever visited Seun Badejo’s blog, you might be a little surprised to find it on this list. The creative direction of our blogs are disparate, each catering to two distinct target audiences. The creative distinctions notwithstanding, I truly love and am inspired by Seun Badejo’s blog.

The simple, yet visually appealing layout of the blog is in itself a sufficient source of inspiration for me. If blogs had charisma, Seun Badejo’s blog would, unarguably, be one of the most charismatic blogs I’ve ever visited. The rush of ideas I don’t get in the form of content, the blog makes up for in style.

Visit Seun Badejo’s Blog

There you have it, three blogs I frequent to be inspired. If you’d love that I check your blog out, head over to the comments section and drop your URL there. Who knows, yours might become the next blog I’m falling in love with.

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