My Two Cents On The First Episode Of Suss Productions “Inspector K”

Red Tv's new show, Inspector K, is a crime comedy web series.

Inspector K Episode 1


“You dey come party, you no hold biro” That line totally knocked my socks off. I had to listen to it over again, savoring it with each replay, before proceeding with the rest of the episode. When did a pen become an accessory you carry along to a party? Tuale to whoever the genius writer is that came up with that line.

The first episode of Suss Productions crime comedy web series, Inspector K, premiered last night on Red Tv’s YouTube Channel. The show stars Koye Kekere-Ekun, Demilade Olubanwo, Ani Iyoho, Ade Laoye, Odunlami Ayodeji, Bollylomo Olatunde, Makida Moka, Patrick Oke, Joseph Momodu, Arese Emokpae, Martin Ayeni, Sonia Irabor, Maurice Sam and Ijeoma Aniebo.

Inspector K is an officer whose reputation for solving seemingly unsolvable cases by following unorthodox procedures precedes him. The crime comedy series follows the wacky inspector as he goes about solving a mysterious murder case. Having watched the first episode of the show, titled “The Disco,” I can say Inspector K feels different. I daresay that might just be because it is indeed different.

Even though the premise of the series does seem a little like something we have already seen in Nollywood. An eccentric police officer getting us cracked up by simply going about his business. Indeed, we have seen it done severally but like I said before, this one feels different. It really does. I initially thought Inspector K would be an episodic situation comedy, I am so glad it is not.

A lot of things differentiate Inspector K from other regular police investigative comedies. Judging from the little I have seen from the first episode, Inspector K will be breathing new life into that premise. I believe that. This show just might successfully beat that dead horse back to life and get it running once again. The approach the creators of the show employ to flesh out this premise is unlike what is common with others. Unlike conventional police investigative comedies, I want to believe, Inspector K, would be rid of the lazy and forced humor characteristic of projects of this nature.

One other thing that sets Inspector K apart is its lineup of actors. Most investigative dramas fall flat in regards to performance. If it does not suffer from poor acting, it suffers overacting. But with Inspector K, the case is different. The show boasts a fine crop of fresh and talented actors. You can expect the cast to deliver top notch performances, nothing but top notch performances.

Also, unlike the tacky theme music associated with regular Nollywood crime comedies, inspector K’s theme song reels you in. It makes you feel like you are about to see a James Bond movie. I had to keep reminding myself that this wasn’t the case.

However, I do have few reservations. For one,  I think the first episode took too long to take off. In my opinion, the cold open was too long for a seventeen-minute episode. Running for almost eight minutes! Honestly, I wasn’t even expecting an opening montage anymore. And, also, I have this fear that the show might just be too talky. Those aside, it’s all love here for Inspector K.

Fingers are crossed. Hopefully, Inspector K delivers on its promise to be more than an average crime comedy series.

Watch The First Episode Of Inspector K Below

Watch The Show’s Trailer Here


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