Was Rumour Has It Season Two Redemption Enough?

Was Rumour Has It Season Two Redemption Enough?

Like I said in this previous post about Rumour Has It season two, the first season of the show didn’t really do well with the audience. Unlike the audience reception and acclaim majority of Ndani shows have commanded, Rumour Has It’s did not quite compare. The show, packed with enough potential to be the next big thing from NdaniTv, came out to much anticipation. Also, the show garnered more buzz and reeled in more viewers in the early stages of its run, thanks to viewers drawing parallels between the show’s storyline and the dating and marriage experience of popular Nigerian OAP, Toke Makinwa. However, as it turned out, the show ended up failing to live up to its potential. This resulted in a lot of dissatisfied audience members and a number of negative reviews which went barely disputed.

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After the show completed its run, I assumed Ndani would likely opt to discontinue the show and count their losses. Judging from the paltry reception, it seemed to me like the smart thing to do. But then, contrary to my expectations, the producers of the show announced a sophomore season earlier this year. To be completely honest, the announcement left me quite conflicted. On the one hand, I was excited, as I usually am, at the announcement of a show. But, right there, on the other hand, considering the performance of the first season, I was also feeling skeptical. I wondered if the show could possibly complete the uphill task of making a comeback from its unimpressive first season.

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With Rumour Has It season two, the storyline deviates largely from that of the first season’s. Rumour Has It season two sees the lead character from the first season, Obi Obi, done away with, and, in her stead, a minor character, Ranti, thrown into the deep end. This change could, of course, have happened for a number of other reasons. It could have been a creative decision, just as it could have been a business one. It could also be the desire to separate the show from the Toke Makinwa comparisons that trailed its premiere season. As it has come to be expected of NdaniTv projects, the production standard for season two can hardly be faulted.

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So, while I would agree that with Rumour Has It season two, the show stepped up on many levels. I’m not sure I’m totally convinced it did enough to redeem itself. I felt like the plot for the season was quite decent, but then, it could have been more. Or, maybe the issue was with my expectations, maybe they were too high. What are your thoughts? Do you think Rumour Has It season two did enough to redeem the show from a poor first outing? Please, let me know in the comments section.

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