Watch Episode Seven Of Red Tv’s “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”

Our Best Friend's Wedding Promotional Banner Episode Seven

Guys, the 7th episode of Red Tv’s current web series, Our Best Friend’s Wedding, is now available ongoing. The episode is titled “Safe Space,” and it sees the workaholic Tunde take time of work to go on a date with Jade. Everything goes smoothly on the date, and they get to know each other better. We are also alerted of tension between Charles and Jade.

Also, picking up from where the 6th episode ended, Onome passes the night at Charles’. And the next morning, on Charles’ request, she does not leave, leading to them spending the day together at his place catching up.

And for promise, his decision to go cold turkey on his excesses and turn a new leaf seem to hit a roadblock, as trouble comes knocking at his door.

Watch Our Best Friend’s Wedding episode seven: Safe Space

If you have not been following the series from inception, you can catch up on all the action as it has unfolded thus far below.

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