Watch ‘Fresh Agege Bread’ An Insightful Documentary On Agege Bread

Watch ‘Fresh Agege Bread’ An Insightful Documentary On Agege Bread

Agege bread lovers, get in here right now, this one is for you!!! Fresh Agege Bread is a deserving documentary produced and directed by filmmaker Chika Okoli of FABA (For Africans By Africans). In my opinion, this documentary, I must say, is long overdue. More than just another meal, Agege bread has become a huge part of our culture, in south-western Nigeria, particularly. It is sad how little many of us know about this meal that has managed to stay relevant and keep growing in popularity over the years. Okay, maybe I’m beginning to take this too serious now, but…

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Fresh Agege Bread traces a series of events that pioneered the production and popularity of this bread. The documentary chronicles the history of bread in Nigeria to the production process of Agege Bread from bakery to consumer. It features accounts from pioneer bakers, community figureheads and locals. The documentary touches on the rise of the booming product as well as addresses some of the controversies around the health and safety measures applied in the production of this staple.

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For Okoli, the inability to find such insights about this significant food in Nigerian culture is what inspired her to develop this documentary. “Agege Bread is so popular in Lagos but shockingly, there is very little information about it online and the same can be said about other cultural elements that are significant to our way of life,” she shares with us.

“There is a huge knowledge gap in our society and now more than ever, a need for us as Africans to evolve from orally passing down our culture to digitally archiving them. It all boils down to the reason FABA exists––to visually document our way of life and give free access to the stories we produce online. We document these stories for cultural preservation, to promote cross-cultural exchange between Africans and to accurately highlight the diverse African experience as a reference for present and future generations.”

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If like me, you didn’t know so much about the beloved Agege Bread, this documentary is guaranteed to do you a world of good.

Watch Fresh Agege Bread below.

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