Watch The Trailer For Cyprian Ekwensi’s “The Passport of Mallam Ilia” 2D Animated Movie Adaption

Magic Carpet Studios, an animation and games studio in Lagos, is determined to disrupt the industry. The studio is currently working on its first 2D animation feature film – an adaptation of the African literature classic – “The Passport of Mallam Ilia” written by Cyprian Ekwensi and published in 1960.

This 19th-century story comes alive in the heart of Kano, an ancient city in Northern Nigeria. The Passport of Mallam Ilia animated movie is set in Northern Nigeria kingdom, revealing an ancient 19th-century tale of love and conquest, betrayal, and the search for revenge. The Passport of Mallam Ilia captures the beauty and culture of Northern Nigeria in the pre-colonial era, a period devoid of terrorism, insecurity, poverty, and sectarian violence.

The stars of the film include Di’ja and Sadiq Daba.

This documentary tagged “Journey to Mallam Ilia”, is a research documentary by some of the team members during one of the many research trips to Kano where the book “The Passport of Mallam Ilia” by Cyprian Ekwensi was set. This documentary featured interesting scenes: From visiting the Emir’s Palace to the museum to interviewing Kano locals and exchanging ideas with Anthropologists, Sociologists and History experts in the city.

Watch The Trailer Below

Watch The Making Of The Animation.

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