“The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai”. 7 Things We Can Expect

"The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai". 7 Things We Can Expect

The Wedding Party was, beyond conceivable doubt, one of the biggest Nollywood movies released in the 2016 calendar year. That is if it was not the outright biggest. Its commercial success still has a lot of people, audience members and movie practitioners alike, in doubt, wondering if achieving such a humungous feat in the present Nigerian clime is at all a possibility.

Unperturbed by the raised eyebrows and drawing motivation from the success of the original movie, a sequel to the movie has been shot and is set to be premiered. Once again, production powerhouses; Ebonylife Films, FilmOne, Koga Studios and Inkblot productions teamed up to work on the sequel. Shot largely in Dubai, the sequel, titled, The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai, is slated for a December 15 release.

As we look forward to its premiere, here are a couple of things we can expect to see.

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1. An awesome movie.

Because, guess who directed the project? It’s none other than the man, Niyi Akinmolayan. Niyi Akinmolayan is, unarguably, one of the best movie directors Nollywood can presently boast of. It’s no surprise the producers of the movie, in their quest for excellence, decided to employ his services. We’ve all seen the magic Niyi Akinmolayan is capable of with projects like Out of Luck and The Arbitration. Having shown his prowess and mastery of the filmmaking craft over again, how can we but expect the absolute best?

2. Grandeur And Panache 2.0.

For those who thought what was obtained with The Wedding Party was the height of glam feasible. I’m sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but you are in for a rude awakening. The producers of the movie have turned it up a notch with the sequel. Wedding Party 2 is a destination movie. The Cathedral Church of Christ Marina, our Beloved Third Mainland Bridge et al should all get prepared. Come December 2017, Dubai is coming for their shine.

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3. Shola Shobowale Bringing Fire To The Dancefloor.

From an audience standpoint, casting Shola Shobowale has to be one of the best decisions the movie’s producers made. At that time making a return to the big screen following a long absence, Shola Shobowale simply stole the show. Of the big names and faces that made up the movie’s cast, her performance was a standout performance. The Yoruba dance procession at the reception was, hands down, one of my favorite scenes from part one. Shola Shobowale’s dance moves were everything. If the trailer is anything to go by, we can expect to see Shola Shobowale leave it all on the dance floor once again.

4. Even More Humor.

If there was any department the original Wedding Party movie was lacking in, it was definitely not the humor department. The original cast, boasting the wit of Ali Baba, the comical ingenious of Saka, and the goofiness of Frank Donga, beyond a doubt, excelled in that area. That notwithstanding, a host of comical characters, notably, Seyi Law and Chigul have been added to ratchet up the humor. This tells you the producers of the movie are going for the jugular this time around. If laughter is not your thing, then, for your own good, ensure to stay away from The Wedding Party 2.

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5. A December Cinema Lock Down.

All thanks to The Wedding Party, December 2016 will go down as a memorable year in Nigerian cinema history. Remember how the movie had cinemas nationwide on complete lockdown? Remember the long queues that cleared up once Wedding Party tickets were announced to have sold out? What about the back to back, to back, to back, sold-out shows, you remember? That was the only time I had seen moviegoers ordering tickets to a Nollywood movie hours ahead. People actually went the extra mile to ensure they didn’t miss out on getting tickets. And it was all because of The Wedding Party. I want to believe the experience will be crazier with Wedding Party: Destination Dubai. That is, judging by events how they transpired over the course of the last holiday season.

P.S. Save yourself the last-minute stress, start planning The Wedding Party into your holiday season to-do list from this very moment.

6. The Audience Drooling Over Banky W and Adesua Etomi’s.

This would be Banky and Adesua’s first outing in a movie after Banky played a fast one on all of Adesua’s secret admirers. Sharp guy. One thing we can agree on from the movie’s prequel is that Banky and Adesua had great chemistry. Their chemistry felt real and believable enough to cause many to drool. Even though at that time nobody could have suspected there was an iota of truth to what they were witnessing. Now that we know that this romance transcends the camera, it gets even better. Now there is the on-screen and real-life romance to consider. It seems to me like the suckers for love will be double-drooling come December.

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7. To See Patience Ozokwor In Her Evil Character Elements.

Seeing Patience Ozokwor play the evil mother, step-mother or mother-in-law is not uncommon. It’s so commonplace that even those who aren’t ardent Nollywood fans are aware of it. However, with Wedding Party 2, Madam Patience has taken it to an international stage. No longer is it the mud houses, thatched roofs, and dusty streets, Mama G has taken it to Dubai this time around. We’re super excited and eager to find out how well Madam Patience Ozokwor represented us on the international stage.

P.S. The Asaba movie producer in me just thought up the title to an eponymous character-driven comedy, “Mama P in Dubai.” Genius, or nah?

What are your expectations for Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai? Let me know, feel free to share in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on ““The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai”. 7 Things We Can Expect

  • November 30, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    I love your review of The Wedding Party. So, Sola Sobowale seems to be one hell of a character after all.

    • November 30, 2017 at 1:32 pm

      She put in a very memorable acting performance. What made it even more interesting was how it was a comeback performance, she didn’t show any signs of rust. Almost as if she never left, not even for a day. She won my heart over and again with that performance. Her acting was the only reason I saw the movie on two occasions.
      Thanks for stopping by. So much appreciated.


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