Wrap Up Of The Month Of April

Biyi Tolu April Wrap Up


Hey, guys! and girls too (before one aunty comes to attack me for being a male chauvinist, lol) What was the month of April like for you? Never mind, my asking was a mere formality. I am so sure you had an awesome April. (See the way you dey shine sef. Yes, you)

For me, this is my month summarized.


You know how we sometimes want to believe our achievements are simply a result of the effort we put in. Well, this month God showed me how effort does not in any way guarantee success. God showed me how he is always sovereignly at work behind the scenes. How, even when I think he is being quiet, he is actually putting things in place.

I am guilty of taking things for granted, I know that. Sometimes I give talent and constant practice more recognition than they ever will be deserving of. But God made me see how it is only his grace and favor that can and has been making a difference. He is indeed a loving father and he is involved in all that concerns us. God is always the constant in our lives.


Sometimes last month, a friend contacted me with a research-based writing project. I was skeptical at first, being one to have always fancied creative writing – scriptwriting, story writing, and poetry – over other forms of writing. I get a kick out of creative writing, not so much the case with writing that is research based. I had always been of the belief that research writing is boring and stifles creativity and expression.

Anyways, I decided to step out of my comfort zone this time and do something different for a change. I accepted to write for said friend of mine. By the end of the week, I sent him my first draft with much trepidation. I was feeling like I just made myself vulnerable and my insecurities came rushing to the fore. To make matters worse, I did not get a response in time. When I finally got that response, I was blown away. The response was very encouraging. So much it almost got into my head, but thank God for God, and a humble spirit. I would even have said no to the money, but who “encouraging remark” don help for this economy?

P.S. I would share how much I made from writing this month, but the thought of some of you considering it chump change wouldn’t allow me do that. So, on to the next thing…


The blog is making progress people. Yes, I talked about how blogging isn’t easy in one of the posts from this month. And yes, that is still very true, blogging is not easy. But the positive feedback I have been getting has made every step of it worth taking.

Can you believe it?! People actually like all the rubbish I am posting on the blog. This month, I got my first like, and then another one. Then two people subscribed and two visitors also sent me private messages telling me of how they love the blog. I know two likes, two subscriptions, and two private messages might not seem like much, but, it means a lot to me.

I also want to appreciate everyone who visited the blog, read the articles, retweeted links, shared Facebook posts etc. Also, to all those who have followed the blog’s twitter account @thebiyitolublog, thank you. I’m also grateful to those who like and frequent the Facebook page BIYITOLU, how can I forget you. You all are special and dear to my heart. May the good lord reward you for all the data you have invested towards the growth of the blog.


In case you, for legitimate reasons, – I trust that with you, it can only be legitimate – missed out on any post from the month, just click on any of the links below.


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Love you all; see you with another wrap-up at the end of the month. Till then, love God, love people and love life.

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