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Before finally going live with the blog (biyitolu.com.ng), I spent quite a number of weeks prior to it brainstorming on what the first post on the blog should look like. I had taken it upon myself not to rest until I came up with what I could convincingly call “the perfect first post” for my blog. I pondered hard and long on this, finding it difficult to decide if something witty and light-hearted, or maybe something deep and thought provoking would leave a long lasting impression on the heart of my potential audience instead. Sadly, the harder I tried to figure this out, the tougher it became finding clarity and direction.

I know some of you might read this and wonder, but it is just a blog post like every other one you would eventually have to publish on your blog, which for a fact is the truth, but at that point, your boy wasn’t seeing it in that light. All I was thinking of and could think of at that time was coming up with a “perfect” first blog post by any means necessary, I desperately wanted to make a strong opening statement. I was consumed by the somewhat legitimate fear of readers not being convinced after reading through the first post on my blog. With each passing day, I became really worried as I wasn’t coming up with anything I considered good enough to go on as the first post on the blog.

Even as the proposed launch of the blog came eerily closer, the perfect blog post I was hoping to find kept successfully eluding me. Then one night as I was about to get in bed, when I wasn’t even consciously thinking of anything that had to do with the blog, out of the blue the idea I had been looking for came knocking on the door of my mind in the form of a thought that went something like, “All these weeks, you have worried yourself sick about finding a perfect first post for your blog and you still haven’t come up with any, why not settle with having your first post detail the unnecessary tough time you put yourself through trying to come up with a perfect first post for the blog”. That was my eureka moment, at that point I realized what I had missed all these weeks, in that, I didn’t have to try to be witty because I felt the audience would like it, or write about something serious for the sake of the audience, while I had wasted time searching for a perfect post, all I really needed to get going was an original post. If there is anything to take away from this experience, it would be:

  1. Do not over think it. This is true especially for creative people, over thinking kills the natural flow of creative juices. A clamp on creativity, over thinking, costs too much time – which we the creative bunch do not have enough of – and energy. Creating was created to be fun, but over thinking kills the fun. Bottom line, don’t ever catch yourself over thinking it, especially if it is to please people. Just do what comes naturally.


  1. Do not lose your identity aiming to please others. Howbeit unconsciously, what I was trying to achieve with wanting a perfect first post for my blog was to gain the acceptance of the audience, but unknown to me, I was already sacrificing the uniqueness of my voice at the altar of acceptance. A lot of times, we get lost, worrying about those things that we feel other people expect from us. Remember this, “Never, ever, trade your identity for acceptance”.


  1. Perfection is a myth. The desire to be perfect before taking significant action has been and will continue to be the death of many dreams, don’t let the fear of imperfection be the reason you stall on your dreams. There is no shame in making mistake; the real shame is in looking back and wishing you had acted when you could. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes which reads, “In the long run, our greatest regrets are not our actions, but our inactions

With all that said, I humbly welcome you to biyitolu.com.ng.

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