XOXO, A Short Film By Priye Diri

XOXO, A Short Film By Priye Diri

Every cheating partner’s greatest fear is having their infidelity found out by their other.  As such, unfaithful partners would go to whatever lengths to keep their secrets secret. But, in reality, things tend to spiral out of control when it comes to covering tracks of infidelity. That’s the predicament our lead character, wife to an army official away on duty, finds herself in this story.  In her husband’s absence, she cheats on him with one of her co-workers we get to know as Williams. Something probably goes wrong somewhere, or not, and this Williams turns around and decides to blackmail her for money.

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Failure to corporate on her part would have catastrophic repercussions, and she knows it. With time running out on her and her husband’s arrival getting nearer with each passing second, she gets all panicky and paranoid as the threats from Williams gets more menacing, the pieces of evidence against her more incriminating and, yet, the demand unchanging. But, as she would eventually find out, getting caught should have actually been the least of her fears all along.

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The film employs absolutely no dialogue and majorly features one character for its 11 minutes run-time. For a film that employs no dialogue, XOXO does a good job of keeping the audience enthralled. The lead character, whose performance was, notably, very compelling, transitions through a range of emotions believably as the plot progresses. She goes from merely bothered to seriously troubled, unfazed to intimidated, and from resolve to resignation.

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XOXO was written, produced and directed by Priye Diri for the Access Bank funded, Accelerate Filmmaker Project, initiative. Colette Otusheso executive produced the short with Kemi Lala Akindoju serving as consulting producer.  It stars Nollywood actress, Ade Laoye (Tinsel, Dowry, Hush, Inspector K, Knocking on Heaven’s Doors) as the unfaithful wife.

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Kudos to Access Bank for supporting young filmmakers and Kudos to Priye Diri for a job well done.

Watch XOXO by Priye Diri below.

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